Samsung Pays Apple $1 Billion Sending 30 Trucks Full of 5 Cents Coins This morning more than 30 trucks filled with 5-cent coins arrived at Apple’s headquarters in California. Texas man pays his $212 speeding ticket with two buckets full of COINS in protest against 'extortion' Brett Sanders, of Frisco, was going nine miles per hour over the speed limit So if you get fined, take a page from the Randy Moss playbook, and pay … The Fine Series (Sponsored) ... Man pays worker Dh400 in coins, mocking video goes viral in UAE ... had referred the defendant to the misdemeanours court for sharing a … Man tries to pay fine with 5c coins Source:NewsComAu. Live: Coronavirus In Pakistan. ... (0.1 yuan) coins thanks to a Chinese man who paid an assault fine … Home \ Hot Shots old \ Australian man pays fine in coins. The municipality might have to point to an ordinance requiring payment in reasonable form or something like that. Probably. NOW PLAYING. Can I Pay My Fine in Pennies? Australian man pays fine in coins. A Cedar Rapids man tried to pay his court Friday morning, but he didn't use cash or a check or credit card. Total Cases 563 K ; Today's Cases 1.4 K ; Total Deaths 12.3 K ; Total Recovered 525.1 K ; Explore More... Australian man pays fine in coins. Chambersburg, PA officials were nice enough to reverse their stance and let coin rebel Justin Greene pay his parking fine in pennies. A Pennsylvania man does not dispute the traffic ticket he received on Dec. 19. Man Pays Fine In All Coins - 18 Workers Forced To Spend All Day Counting The Money. Michigan man pays fine with pennies, is attacked by guards, lawsuit says | The Kansas City Star ... Anthony Sevy is not the first person to try to pay a parking ticket in protest with coins. Royal Oak — A Royal Oak man has filed a federal lawsuit against two court officers he claims assaulted him — causing him to defecate — after the man attempted to pay a … Technically yes, since it has long been established that legal tender can not be refused in order to settle a debt, and a fine is a form of debt. But other entities might not be so nice. In fact, he went to the city treasurer’s office in Lancaster that day to pay the $20 fine. [VIRAL VIDEO] Man Pays Parking Fine In Coins. NICE try, anonymous Adelaide man. A man decided to record himself paying a $60 fine in coins, his video has now gone viral!