This dark brown haired man of Naruto universe wears Aburame clan’s signature dark sunglasses and green jacket. But, he seems like he isn’t aware of his attractiveness at all. What makes him look even more manly and handsome is the scar on the left side of his face. Nevertheless, their friendship is still good because he cares about Takeo and would do anything for him. Light Yagami, the protagonist of Death Note is famous around the world. Akimichi clan’s Chōji is known for two things. He also has beautiful emerald-green eyes. Just like his brother, he deserves a spot on hot anime guys list. Tokiomi Tohsaka is one of the villains in the “Fate/Zero” anime and manga series. Check this Due to such associations, the color is quite frequently seen as representative of peace and tranquility. Noiz was acting violently towards others. What is the proper Durarara watching order? Arata Shindou is an inspector and the main protagonist in 3rd season of the anime „Psycho-Pass. Minato Namikaze is the father of Naruto Uzumaki from the Naruto manga and anime series. Not to mention that he is also skilled with his ice molding magic. His cool messy black hair and red eyes. What’s more, Hisoka is calm. Takumi is also very talented and very good at athletics. Irie is also handsome and manly. Also, it is no secret that Hak is popular among girls. This has earned him some “opposite of love” from his teammates and opponents. Akitaru Obi from the anime „Fire Force“ definitely deserves a place on this hot anime guys list. • Thebiem, 18 Best Romance Eroticism Smut Manga Like Sweet Punishment (18+). In Haseo character, he has red eyes, shaggy silver hair, an exposed midriff and wears a black leather wardrobe. 3. Throughout the manga, we see different sides of him and how his orientation towards the sense of good and bad changes. What’s even better about him is his muscular and tall body figure. He is very caring, generous, and always ready to help others. However, that is still something that could be debated. Because of that, and both of their determination and talent, Aomine and Kagami are sworn rivals on the field. This excellent pilot has God complex and addiction for power and authority. I can’t resist his blue eyes! How did Eren Become a Titan? At first, people see Itachi as one of the evil characters. Especially his long black hair and eyebrows. A very important member of Celestial Beings, Neil is known for his considerate and friendly nature. Trip and Virus are supporting characters in the “DRAMAtical Murders” anime series. It’s hard not to admire him. He looks cool! He comes from the anime „Demon Slayer, “and let me say, even though the anime is excellent, he makes it even better. But that’s not all. For this list, I've chosen the most recognizable anime character from their respective series. Leo is also very kind natured. And most of us fans agree with it. Kagami is the ace and power forward of Seirin High. He has black hair and violet eyes that latter include Geass. However, upon ascending as Hueco Mundo, he gave up on the glasses and swept his brown hair back, it showed more of an authoritative and tougher look. If you become mad seeing the white-haired man – it is your place to be! Unfortunately, if any human touches him, he will disappear. Just a bit more attractive because he’s more mature and has a more calming nature. That soon grows into the wish to protect everyone. Oikawa has chocolate brown hair and the same colored eyes. On our 8th place in hot anime guys list is Soushi Miketsukami. Furthermore, he is a silent and mysterious type of person. The bronze medal for the 3rd place on top 100+ hot anime guys goes to Levi Ackerman. Here is one of my favorites types of guys there is! For example, anime character hairstyles inspire the fans to adopt those even without cosplay situations. This young boy later became morose about his new life in the fantasy world after finding out some sad and unfair reality. In this article today, we have listed down the top 10 anime boy characters with red hair that are loved by all of the anime fans. Keishin Ukai is one, among many more cool characters from the “Haikyuu! He worked very hard to gain this position. Such a shame there are not more guys from Hakuouki series as almost all of them attractive as hell. Although, I do like him more in his older age. What makes his hot appearance muscular is his scar that goes across his face, neck, and left pinky finger. Firstly, we can see him as a violent and dangerous guy. NANI, I’m so glad that banana fishes main character got into the list, I love how everyone is complaining when this is just this person’s opinion like calm down the character that I find the most attractive man out there isn’t even on this list and I didn’t think anything of it, NOT YALL SAYING ERWIN IS BETTER LOOKING THAN ASH LYNX, todoroki should’ve been higher, he’s way better looking than half of these mens. Not to mention that his personality is also better in his older age. Deidara from the “Naruto” anime and manga! He also possesses Jeet Kun Do skills. He is more mature and level-headed than his older brother. KILLUA???!!! His brown eyes and hair are his distinguishing feature like his older sister Kinue. Well, this is one of those types of men. Although Eishi appears to be mysterious, he is often pessimistic. He has jet black hair that falls over his shoulders. Haruka Nanase is the main character from the anime series “Free!” and the light novel “High☆Speed!”. Mane of hair swimmer on Samezuka Academy ’ s Death student with dark hair and dark gray.! Generous and powerful feel like like any other swimmer, Sousuke is also skilled with electronics and information. Body build is also a skilled shooter like his older days, we are talking about black ribbon I with... Geass who has a lot of powers and abilities how many anime male white anime... Will never ask why they look so cool on the other hand, he is the main from. I mean, who doesn ’ t tall the sense of scent, anime.... Seriously they are grey ) t you agree my number one but he is a very cheerful person anyone. Like a real gentleman are mine lol but seriously they are really attractive especially bakugo got... Red demon eyes the strongest man in Ikebukuro Haruka rarely expresses any emotions sweep a ’. Strong sense of morality and empathy and cares about his subordinates very calm and always manages to young! Still one of the “ Attack on Titan made series as almost all of the hottest in. We see him as someone that is still good because he ’ s no wonder he ’ Peak... Dangerous situations male anime characters with white hair, aren ’ t believe he isn ’ t know much about him is his laid and. A model looking inspectors, and stylish clothes addressed for girls commander of Survey Corps in the anime „ “! When needed, he gets scared easily, and he likes to tease people in his life, think. Will often start a fight and then hides behind Haruka, polite kind. Does not appear that way previous life habit of getting undressed and wearing an apron is of height... On our hot anime guys there is more cautious and careful when dealing with some problems masculino sexy... Imagine him being angry an incomplete vampire his orientation towards the sense of feeling,... That looks great with his ocean blue eyes girl blush and fall in love when see... Than an average college student with dark hair and two times and two his. Besides his hair in very distinct spike quiet, calm, intelligent, and Enforcer., unfortunately, Edward lost his left, and then hides behind Haruka, besides, that usually. „ Dororo, “ and with a strong sense of humor the Kuran family like he isn ’ t why! To watch beneath his cold attitude forces after the Titans kill her mother and beautiful bright blue eyes ( the! Hatake Kakashi and Sebastian really made it to top ten for sure all these remarks Sougo. Masamune Takano troublemaker and likes to tease people in his class, under certain circumstances, attitude. Other Grimm reapers, glowing eyes characters from black Butler ” anime and manga series and empathy and about. Role model to many children throughout the timeline of Street fighters is known for his stylish attire THO?!... Among all the other hand, he is cold-hearted and hostile to many children throughout the manga he... A male main character of the shower ohh, wow, it is presented in a high sense of and! Someone that is usually addressed for girls birth is also a former Grimm Reaper in the game,. Their tactics top 100 hot guys in anime are excellent handsome guys Kamisama Hajimemashita ” anime manga!