They often ask for the host's help when they need to count, build, or fix something constructed with felt shapes. He has several, Sage and Ginger are Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper's newborn fraternal twins, who debut in, This page was last edited on 10 January 2021, at 14:52. There, he becomes the varsity captain for the hopscotch team at his college as revealed in the 100th episode special. Steve and Blue are best friends. She first appears in "Blue's News". The main animated characters are the residents of the Blue's Clues house. He takes care of the other residents and prepares food for them. Slippery Soap. Blue is playful and she loves making brand new friends to play with and also is a loyal puppy who communicates with all of her friends. Lego Joe. Turquoise appears sporadically in episodes afterwards, normally in a small glass terrarium on the bedroom shelf. Blue's Clues. 0. She spends much of her time caring for Paprika and Cinnamon. 0. 414*299. Joe is the host of the fifth and sixth sea­sons. Large Blue's Clues Stuffed Plush, 16-inch, Ages 3 +, Free Shipping. Blues Clues Characters Cartoon Characters 2nd Birthday Parties Girl Birthday Clue Party Merrie Melodies Twins 1st Birthdays Pbs Kids Party In A Box. Rugrats, Arthur Characters, Steve, and Blue: Blue's Clues! He is a bilingual speaker. 0. Absolutely - Blue's Clues -", "Steve Burns Finally Confirms Why He Left 'Blue's Clues,, Lists of characters in American television animation, Lists of children's television characters, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. Television Quiz / Blues Clues Characters Random Television Quiz Can you pick the Blues Clues Characters? In each episode, Mailbox delivers a letter or informing an incoming e-mail after the host sings a special song called "Mailtime" and sits on the Thinking Chair. His fa­vorite toy is a stuffed duck named Boris. Tickety Tock. Saved by alex bex. Mrs. Pepper 8. 0. In the reboot series, her tabletop is square and gains a wooden texture. Steve is the host for the first four seasons. 0. You may also like PNG. In the original series, he was voiced by Michael Rubin, who is normally credited under the stage name Seth O'Hickory. A brother (Shovel) and sister (Pail) who live in a sandbox in the backyard. He was voiced by Cameron Bowen from 2000-2001, by Kenny Kim from 2001-2003, and by Jansen Panettiere in 2004. 2020 BLUES CLUES & You MYSTERY Figure Shovel. Blue's Clues is an American children's television series airing on the Nickelodeon family of channels. Blue's Clues is an American television show about a blue-spotted puppy named Blue, her caretakers Steve and Joe, and the family of talking objects in their house. The Felt Friends are a group of children made entirely of geometric felt shapes. It is presented by a live-action human host who lives in a yellow house inhabited by anthropomorphic everyday objects. Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper's son. He is a bar of soap and lives in the bathtub. Tickety Tock, known as Tickety for short, is a 5-year-old[9] alarm clock who lives on a nightstand in the bedroom of the Blue's Clues house. She is first shown in the episode "Blue's Story Time" but is not properly introduced until "Magenta Comes Over". In the original series, Tickety was voiced by Kathryn Avery from 1996-2001 and by Kelly Nigh from 2001-2004. [7] In the reboot, he is voiced by Doug Murray. In the reboot series, they are voiced by Leo Orgil and Jordana Blake respectively. They love learning about the different types of animals that live outside. Category:Characters | Blue's Clues Wiki | Fandom. She usually has Steve's telephone on top of her and holds an assortment of useful items in her drawer, depending on the situation. 0. She and Tickety want to become teachers when they grow up. "Blue's Clues: Steve Goes to College (3) -", "Am I Blue? Mailbox is a cheerful purple mailbox who lives at the foot of the pathway in front of the Blue's Clues house. Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper's newborn fraternal twins, introduced in the reboot. Joe is Steve's brother, and the host for the final two seasons. Blues Clues. The host of the reboot. The Spice Family are a group of condiment dispensers who live in the kitchen, each named after the type of spice they contain. In the reboot, she is voiced by Diane Salema. He is Steve's younger brother who stays at the Blue's Clues house after Steve leaves for college. Ultimate as a playable newcomer, listed as Fighter #82. He often has trouble standing upright and is known for shouting his catchphrase "Whoa!" 1,234 Pages. 0. PNG. She is learning how to be a good role model for her younger siblings. Trending price is based on prices over last 90 days. In the original series, he was voiced by Nick Balaban, one of the show's music composers. Each iteration of the show features a live-action host: Steve, Joe, or Josh. The reboot will feature all-new production design and animation. 400*313. In the original series, she was voiced by Aleisha LaNaé Allen. History Talk (0) Share. Mr. Salt is a salt shaker of French heritage who acts as the homemaker of the Blue's Clues house. Later on, Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper had their own kids: Paprika and Cinnamon. In the original series, Magenta was voiced by Koyalee Chanda. PNG. Santomero, Kessler, and Johnson met at the Nickelodeon Studios for a month to develop Blue's Clues. Light's Theme Sheet Music 1 Of 4 Pages - Blue's Clues. Blue's Clues. Unlike the other dogs featured in the series, Green Puppy is depicted with visible teeth incisors and has short ears. PNG. He goes to college in season four but makes sporadic appearances afterward, both in person and over the phone. Tickety Tock (voiced by Ava Augustin) – An alarm clock who wakes the residents of the Blue's Clues House each morning. Join your favorite preschool pup, Blue, in NEW and EXCITING adventures seen only on YouTube!