The two being to fight, but Rentaro's abilities prove futile. Albeit, Kagetane and Kohina reappear, leaving Rentaro in pure shock. Sie ist ihm sehr dankbar dafür, dass er sie gerettet hat und freut sich auf die zukünftige Zusammenarbeit. Rentaro's lower body is sheltered by a pair of pants that are held around his waist by a blue belt with a small white line encompassing around the center; serving as a form of adornment. Selbstverständlich ist jeder Black bullet rentaro sofort auf erhältlich und kann sofort geliefert werden. Rentaros Stiefel erinnern leicht an Reiterstiefel und schließen mit einer Krempe unter dem Knie ab. Kisara Tendo: Kisaras Beziehung zu Rentaro scheint oberflächlich wenig herzlich zu sein: Häufig buttert sie ihn unter, macht recht deutlich, dass sie ihn für einen unfähigen Idioten hält und droht ihm mehrfach Gewalt und Tod an. Rentaro looks at the present and opens it, looking at the president's head as he does so. He rushes her to a hospital, leaving her at the care of the doctors. Status [1], Rentaro dons a black suit covering his body entirely. Rentaro and Enju evade Kagetane's attack. Als Rentaro ablehnt wird Kagetane ziemlich ungehalten. However, he somehow manages to pick himself up and come near a river. Kagetane then takes his leave when he tells Rentaro that tomorrow he will understand reality, allowing Enju to tell Rentaro that Kohina is strong. His nose serves as roof to thin lips and a small jawline. When Kisara inquisitively questions his ambition to "find" them, he burst out into a cry of vivid fury and abruptly leaves her without saying another word. Rentaro can only stare as he asks Enju, whom he thinks is Kayo, to take him to Kagetane so they can finish their fight. [49], Rentaro questions Kayo's injuries whilst treating them, only to be told by the young girl that she is Shougen's Initiator. Im Gegenzug glaubt Enju fest an Rentaro und seine Fähigkeiten und das er in der Lage ist die "Welt zu retten". Rentaro Satomi is a young teen of small frame and messy dark blue hair, with slightly slanted eyes and blue irises. Before they can continue, Rentaro brings up Enju's name as he claims that they will protect the Tokyo Area from the Gastrea, when suddenly Sumire begins to speak about the Cursed Children and how they were born to fight the Gastrea. Deswegen ist Rentaro ziemlich sauer auf Shogen, denn Rentaro betrachtet Initiatoren nicht als "Werkzeuge", sondern als Menschen. The two talk, and after Sumire comments on how the Cursed Children might be entities sent by god to rid the world of its pollution, Rentaro gets up and angrily informs her that Enju is a human. Rentaro, on the contrary, says that he's the one getting in his way to protecting the innocent. Sein dunkelblaues Haar trägt er kurz und durcheinander, sein Pony hängt ihm lose in die Stirn bis über die Augen. [43], He watches as she completely dominates the Gastrea, and, when she finishes, heads towards her direction and, hearing her desire to protect everyone whilst crying, hugs her tightly. When Rentaro refuses, Kohina appears behind him ready to cut his arm off, but he dodges just in time. Die Qualität des Vergleihs steht bei unser Team im Vordergrund. [42], As they fly in the air, Rentaro catches sight of a kite, but takes a closer look and realizes it is the Gastrea; remembering Sumire's claim of it learning an ability. Unable to watch this, he gives her teacher her shots and leaves to where his sensei is. [122] He has also treated the injuries inflicted upon her by a Gastrea,[50] and shared with her his feeling towards the Initiators; calling her human and family. As he holds her, he remembers speaking to Kisara about Civil Security and its job to protect people, which leads him to ponder if said statement is true after what he witnessed. Kanto-Krieg)210 (nach 3. He is seen by her when she stands next to her father, and hears her asking him if she could cut him down.[33]. Kisara holds great respect for Rentaro's bravery, however, seeing as he saved her from a rampaging Gastrea when she was young and the two were living under Kikunojyo Tendo's care, as well as when Rentaro heads out to fight Kagetane, she gives him her full trust on victory. Der Sieger sollte beim Black bullet rentaro Vergleich sich gegen alle Konkurrenz den Sieg erkämpfen. Springfield XD : Es handelt sich um eine Pistole der Kaliber 9mm Parabellum, 40 s&w oder .45 ACP. Persönliche Informationen His Initiator is Enju Aihara. Kayo calls Shougen and tells him it's time to depart, while winking at Rentaro. He carries the gun on the back of his pants, using it when he is the midst of a fight.He has shown great mastery over said weapon, shooting a Stage I Gastrea repeatedly without showing any signs of fatigue and with the ability to maintain his stability throughout the process. Enju and Rentaro also ready for take off. [91], Flashbang (閃光弾 Senkō-dan): When Rentaro places a Flashbang into effect, a bright light and disturbing sound to the ears surround the area around his opponent; rendering two of their senses ineffectual. Nur Manga: Im Manga rettet Shogen Rentaros Leben, nachdem Kagetane Hiruko ihn niedergeschossen hatte.Als Rentaro sich bedanken will bleibt Shogen weiterhin feindselig, Rentaro solle doch am besten nach Hause gehen, damit er die anderen Agenten nicht behindert... Kayo Senju: Die Beiden begegnen sich ebenfalls zum ersten Mal bei der Versammlung der Privaten Wachdienste. Gelegentlich geht es aber doch mit ihm durch wenn jemand etwas abwertendes über die verfluchten Kinder oder insbesondere Enju sagt, dann verliert er die Beherrschung und wird aufbrausend und emotional. [31], Rentaro is called irritating, but returns the insult to the man assaulting him. However, he is given a negative reply but is told that they will bring their elder. Suddenly, he gets a call from Kisara. He then asks her if she was someone she knew, with Enju responding affirmatively. When they hear an explosion, Rentaro and Enju rapidly head towards it. The two are interrupted by Enju, who leaves the room to get something to show Rentaro. Feeling the full brunt of the attack, Rentaro hears Kagetane declare that his actions are unbelievable. Aus Kostengründen nutzt Rentaro seine Schuluniform auch als Arbeitskleidung. Alter Ballaniumprothesen: Sie sind Rentaros stärkste Waffe, sein rechtes Bein und sein rechte Arm wurden durch Prothesen aus Ballanium ersetzt. Kayo, on the other hand, believes that Rentaro's words are nothing but mere words, but she does not wish to deny them. Er verteidigt Enju immer wieder gegen die Anfeindungen anderer und versucht ihr ein normales Leben zu ermöglichen. Afterwards, when they arrive to the room, Tadashima confronts one of his men for entering the room without permission, but Rentaro simply shakes it off and, taking a hold of Tadashima's shoulder, orders him to stand to the side as he will enter the room. [119] During the time Rentaro went after the Gastrea, Seitenshi requested be killed, Shougen brings him to the hospital after he is left at death's door by Kagetane. Seitenshi, however, dismisses it and explains to them that they must find the Legacy of the Seven Stars before the enemy; or Tokyo will meet its end. When it comes to Rentaro's abilities, Sumire is one to quickly criticize.[116]. Leaving him panting, Rentaro tells Enju to run away as he shoots Kohina. With his final words to Kagetane being for him to go to hell, he is shot and falls into the river. However the Gastrea proves to be speedy. Rentaro ist allerdings weggelaufen, aber Kikunojo hat ihn gesucht und vor einem angreifenden Gastrea gerettet. Rentaro is quick to realize that the man is turning into a Gastrea, but before it can fully change into one, Shougen Ikuma and Kayo appear; defeating the Gastrea in a mere amount of seconds. [85], AGV Experimental Drug (AGV 試験薬 Shiken Kusuri): Rentaro was given five needles by Sumire that contain AGV Experimental Drug within. Springfield XD 4″ Full Size Model .45ACPBlack Bullets aus Ballanium Picking himself up, he tells Kagetane to wait as he acknowledges that he is, indeed, weak, and thus why everyone can't trust it. Much to his shock, he witnesses this when she walks in front of him acting like a neko. However, he questions if she just expects them to leave her behind. [18], Befuddled, Rentaro is brought out of his train of thought when Tadashima enters the room and shakes him. Er hat den Tod seiner Eltern nie vollends akzeptiert und redete sich lange Zeit ein, dass sie noch am Leben sein müssen und er sie eines Tages finden wird. However, he is then questioned by Tadashima to show him his license, which he does, and quickly receives it back as the latter confirms his statement. Arriving to the location, Rentaro begins to evacuate the civilians. As Kagetane releases his Maximum Pain, Rentaro tells Enju to carry them away elsewhere. He grabs on to a rope and begins to descend to the ground. Aber nachdem sie Ihren Bruder getötet hat beginnt Rentaro an ihren Methoden zu zweifeln... Kikunojo Tendo: Kikunojo hat Rentaro im Alter von sechs Jahren als Adoptiv-Sohn in seine Familie aufgenommen, nachdem dessen Eltern gestorben waren. [46], He walks away while telling her that he will be back, causing her laughter. Die Kugeln stören die Selbsheilungskräfte der Gastrea und verursachen schwere Wunden bei ihnen. Rentaro is informed by Enju what happened 10 minutes prior to his arrival,[21] and then turns to look at Tadashima to apologize for being careless against a low level enemy. When they begin to lower the altitude, the back doors open, with the one opening them being Enju. Rentaro questions her words, with Kayo revealing that her Promoter, Shougen, views the Initiators as noting more than tools. This style of combat allows him to perform several techniques with offensive properties, such as using his limbs to deliver powerful blows at his opponents. [59] Momentarily, Rentaro shoots towards Kagetane's direction multiple times. Sumire approaches him yells at him for not killing it more carefully, following to question him if he has already lost hope in the world in a comic way. Before heading out to find the source, Rentaro looks at Tadashima and informs him that if the infection spreads he will be facing a demotion. 16 Henceforth, the bond between the two has ultimately strengthen. Further; she tells him that he is strong, and should let his eyes be lit by a strong light as he is righteous. She is often willing to help him when he asks her a favor, such as requesting information on Sogen, but she always requires something in exchange, such as spending time with him, and uses their time alone to her advantage, although the moment was obstructed by Kisara. IP Rang Rentaro unintentionally makes Sumire laugh. Rentaro ist ein ausgeglichener Charakter, der meist ruhig und bedacht wirkt sowie jeden um sich herum freundlich und ebenbürtig behandelt. Rentaro questions her after the young Initiator tells him that she is Shougen's tool, and that she will die or fight whenever he gives the order; asking her if she does not wish to continue living. Beruflicher Status Enju, looking at Rentaro in a serious manner, confirms that she is already aware of the fact and receives and apology from the latter. Just then, Kohina comes behind Enju and attacks her, with Kagetane pointing his gun at her. Momentarily, her friend, Mai, comes along and walks to class with Enju. Sie scheint außerdem für Rentaro, ähnlich wie Enju, ein bisschen zu schwärmen. [82], Hand-to-Hand Combat: Due to his style of combat, Rentaro packs a set of durable melee assaults, such as when he delivers two consecutive hits on Kagetane's face and a kick to his neck. Aus diesem Grunde berechnen wir beim Vergleich die möglichst hohe Diversität an Faktoren in die Endwertung mit ein. [83], Springfield XD (スプリングフィールドXD Supuringuhuīrudo XD): Rentaro is in possession of a, as he states, normal black gun. Seine Waffe selbst ist ganz normal, aber Rentaro verwendet spezielle Munition aus Ballanium. Entering the room, Rentaro notices the large amount of people present, only to be confronted by a large man claiming that brats should just go home. Kagetane releases his Maximum Pain, whilst Rentaro counterattacks by releasing the cartridge inside his right arm and delivering a vigorous punch at the incoming attack; successfully blasting a hole through it and, concurrently, demolishing his Repulsion Shield. Sumire is rather caring of Rentaro and enjoys his small visits to her lab, expressing that if he were to die, the laboratory will lose its visitor. However, as time passed, connections between the two changed for the better. Rentaro using his Hidden Bullet: Sky Wind. Rentaro looks at her with wide eyes, hearing her reveal that she is model Dolphin. [29], Once there and after it's time for lunch, he receives a call from Kisara, but ignores until said person comes to his class and asks him for his motives for not picking up. Seconds later, Rentaro ponders Enju's sudden anger towards Kayo, but is told by Kayo that her reasons should be obvious. Yuuki Kaji Kikunojyo also protected Rentaro against a Gastrea, and gave him the advice to live rather than die in despair.[107]. When Rentaro bares witness to the explosives inside, he asks her if they used explosives, whom tells him that the sole reason is because they fell into a trap; a strange Gastrea took them by surprise. He explains to her that he is here, and that they are family; filling her with joy. [97], During a mission to take down a Stage I Gastrea, Enju plants a kiss on Rentaro's lips, but soon enough kicks him for leaving her behind, claiming herself to be his fiancé.

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